What makes Chi Fit unique to other brands is that each cup is functional in the health benefits it provides. Chi Fit products are also made of organic ingredients ethically sourced and sustainability produced from a family farm in Yunnan, China. Chi Fit emphasizes the importance of Chinese heritage and the origin of tea and tea blending. Each blend contains min of 10 natural ingredients, all hand picked, sterilised by water and air dried using traditional Chinese methods and then blended and packed at source.

A major differentiating factor with Chi Fit amongst its competitors is that the teabags are reusable. Consumers are able to reuse the same tea bag 3 to 4 times during the day (or even the next day if stored in the fridge overnight) which guarantees consumers get more out of the product. Chi Fit’s tea bags are also biodegradable and all products are vegan.

Functional Products.

Chi Fit’s functional products mean each tea and coffee blend possesses a different health benefit. Chi Fit’s range includes seven original tea blends, latte blends, coffees and sleepy time teas, with each flavour boasting unique added advantages and extracts.

Chi Fit helps promote overall well being and wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. With its extensive health and fitness benefits, Chi Fit is an energy boosting tea that won’t cause midday caffeine crashes, along with maintaining hydration levels. Chi Fit is excellent for fitness training and pre-exercise sessions as well as continued drinking through everyday life. Chi Fit also detoxifies and helps curb cravings.