Chi Fit is a revolutionary, Irish grown company that produces health beneficial premium teas, coffees and more. Chi Fit offers a wide range of high quality products, harvesting expert blends and holistic health advantages.

Chi Fit’s functional products mean each tea and coffee blend possesses a different health benefit. Chi Fit’s range includes seven original tea blends, latte blends, coffees and sleepy time teas, with each flavour boasting unique added advantages and extracts.

Chi Fit is an Irish homegrown business developed from Founder and CEO Dr Rosalind Beere’s kitchen in 2018. The Chi Fit concept came together when Beere decided to adopt a more healthy, wholesome lifestyle but found she didn’t like the taste of green tea.

Beere began blending her own, unique version of green tea in her kitchen, mixing different herbal varieties together so she could enjoy availing of the health benefits of green tea.

With a focus on wellbeing and the environment, all Chi Fit tea bags are chemical free, biodegradable, and vegan friendly. In addition to this, all packaging is eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

Chi Fit products are made with the highest quality herbs sourced from an organic family tea plantation in Yunnan, South West China. Tea herbs are ethically sourced and sustainability produced keeping in line with Chi Fit’s environmentally friendly values and wellbeing.

Founder and CEO

Dr Rosalind Beere

🌱 Creator & Founder of Chi Fit teas & coffees

An expert in the field of strategy, entrepreneurship and franchising with a broad business knowledge across a range of industry sectors. Highly analytical with an aptitude for creative problem-solving and innovative thinking. Business consultancy experience in identifying, understanding and analysing problems, providing commercial solutions to clients that deliver tangible results. An expert coach, lecturer and mentor for academic staff and students. Entrepreneurial by nature bringing strategic thinking to all roles.

Passionate about health and wellness, combining a core focus on creating Chi Fit Ltd to be an authentic, premium brand, with a range of products that bring both great taste and functional health benefits to the market, in a sustainable and value creating way.