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'I have been using chi fit tea for just over a month now and in addition to having greater levels of energy I have also lost weight in conjunction with the Chi fit healthy eating program which is fantastic! I drink 3 cups a day and find the taste refreshing and full of flavour.  It takes just one cup of chi tea to get me going in the morning whereas before I was drinking coffee or really strong builders tea! Chi tea tastes wonderful and really kick-starts my day!'



'I've been using Chi fit tea for a month now and I love it so much its part of my daily routine I have 3-4 cups of tea a day my stomach is amazing now! I am doing 40 sit-ups a day as well but nothing else has changed I've lost weight. chi tea = miracle tea!' 



'I've been using Chi fit tea for a few weeks and instantly I noticed my energy levels improved dramatically, compared to my usual coffee or tea. I've been drinking 3 - 4 cups of Chi fit tea a day I really love the taste it's so much nicer than normal green tea and has a lovely fragrance when brewed. The teabags are full of flavour and I can easily get 5 cups out of each teabag if I want to. I've lost weight in conjunction with  the Chi fit tea healthy eating plan. I can't recommend it enough!'



'I have been drinking chi fit tea for more than a month now, the blend of mixed herbs gives it a more flavoursome compared to normal green tea. I began to notice the increase in my energy levels almost immediately, I work in an intense environment and I found that I had no after lunch slumps or tiredness anymore! Chi fit tea helped me loose weight as I was using their healthy eating program as well as taking the tea 3-4 times a day, which was evident after the 4 weeks whilst giving me energy to train and workout. I would highly recommend it for energy boosts and to help with training and exercise or if you just want to feel better and healthier in general!'



"Having used chi fit tea for four weeks now, I can unequivocally recommend this tea for the following reasons. It's unique blend of Chinese herbs is both soothing and refreshing. I have lost several pounds as well. It was certainly energy boosting for me - an excellent choice of tea ". 



'Ok third day drinking your tea and I notice a big difference in my energy levels! Not as tired and I honestly thought I did a better work out in gym last night as I had more energy.

'I been using Chi Tea over a four week period. The tea is really tasty and has a lovely minty aftertaste. I drank three cups a day. I also had way more energy. At the end of the 4 weeks my tummy was down 2 inches and I had lost weight and I didn't feel as sluggish anymore. Thank you so much Chi tea, I really love this product' x



'I've found Chi fit tea gives me a definite boost in energy when I have my first cup  in the morning and gets me past my afternoon energy slump too but in a natural way, I've also noticed a big reduction in me wanting to snack in between meals. I love the taste of it too..' I'm feeling less drained and tired I haven't touched ordinary tea since I am heavy around the tummy I feel a lot better and as I'm eating a healthier diet and following the Healthy eating plan I feel great and since drinking the tea and my skin is looking great people are saying I'm looking great!'

'I am taking 3 cups everyday i haven't touched ordinary tea since I'm drinking more water and eating less my boss asked me for a few as she is into the gym etc the taste is good also my son is now drinking Chi fit tea also'.



'I found Chi fit tea it completely changed my energy levels and how I felt from a day to day basis, I'm not the type to be into tea/herbal remedies so there is definitley a market for it if its affecting me in such a positive way!' 



'Firstly, absolutely love the tea! Delicious balance of favours... its sweet without being perfumy, it has depth without being too earthy and it's refreshing in a subtle way. Really enjoyable cup of tea! One of my biggest challenges sitting down to have a cup of tea is the sneaky biscuit I feel I need but with this tea it's so enjoyable in its own right - no biscuit required! Perhaps that's part the reason why so many tasters dropped the pounds! The perfect cup of tea/'



'Morning! Just wanted to tell you I love the tea, and I'm not just saying that because I wanted to like it - I genuinely do and I'm really surprised! I've never finished a cup of herbal tea in my life. I find the aftertaste to strong, I've just never really enjoyed it.

But I'm on my 2nd cup of Chi Fit this morning 🙊 (reused my tea bag!) I really like the taste - if it's good for me too all the better but at the very least it's keeping me off the coffee for a while! 

I actually made a cup of green tea to compare the two and I think it's the rose in Chi that I like so much. It's a really great product'.